Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Busy, Busy ....

Things have become a little crazy around here.  Crazier than usual that is.  I am finishing up my graduate class and have jumped into a full time job.  Yep, zero to 100 in a weekend.  (that was two weeks ago)

I have to say Ayden Jane is doing great with it.  She doesn't really hurry... but she has done a great job of getting things done efficiently.  In fact, it is Mckenna that has made me late to work on occasion! 

It has been a big leap for me.  Even last fall I am not sure our little family could have handled it well.  The timing was perfect (although it was a leap of faith) and I believe it will solidify the return to full time employment for next fall. 

Oh, for those who don't really know me, I am a teacher.  I have taught special ed and regular ed but have been away from teaching since Ayden Jane was born.  The graduate course is to re certify and keep me able to teach elementary and special education.  I have to say, though, I will not return to teaching the same teacher that I left.  I was a good teacher and I believe I did a good job with all kids, but the past 6 years has taught me so much.  I hope to be a better teacher for all that I have learned raising Ayden Jane. 

Beyond all that I am looking forward to more chaos with the return of soccer season for Mckenna and Noah and maybe even Ayden Jane.  She is asking to play...  Looking forward to warmer weather and longer days and keeping Ayden Jane moving.  I am enjoying watching AJ in her swimming class and I am hopeful that we can keep the classes going. 

That all sounds so normal.  Wow, do I hope it all works out that way. 

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