Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Out with 2013 In with 2014

We will definitely remember 2013.  Let's see:

Kayla is now a junior at Clemson.  The past year was not too full of big surprises or decisions for her.  It has begun the process of answering the question of what will I do after Clemson?  Otherwise known as what do I want to be when I grow up.  I imagine this time next year will hold some answers to those questions.  We pray for her this year that she will continue to keep her heart open to God and will hear his voice of direction in her life... even if it is only a whisper of what her next step should be.  We pray for her to have the courage to follow His voice and that Gary and I will be able to help support her in any way necessary.

Noah has now completed his first semester as a college student.  This year was filled with decisions and life changes for him.  He has done a great job of transitioning from a high school kid to a college young man.  The next year for him will be about discovering just how far he can go.  His coach is challenging him athletically and in his leadership abilities.  He is getting more focused academically both in his grades and direction.  We pray for him this year that he feels God's presence and relies on Him when his limits are being pushed.  That he will find young men like minded in faith at his school and continue to study God's Word.

Mckenna has/is turning into a teenager in front of our eyes.  She has gotten the hang of middle school and is ready to hit her stride.  We pray for her to grow in confidence.  That she will know the talents God has blessed her with and learn to develop and use them for His glory.  We also pray God's protection for her as middle school is not often kind, that she will work her way through this year with grace and kindness to others that show's God's love to all.

Ayden Jane spent her year doing lots of things that she was not supposed to be able to do.  I think that she will spend 2014 in a similar fashion!  We pray for her to find activities that she loves as activity is not really an option or luxury for her but a necessity.  Things like swimming, running and biking will hopefully be things she loves to do and then she can train for a triathlon!  How cool would that be?  We pray that academically she can continue to keep pace with her peers and that we can find the solution needed to help her get her hands writing efficiently.

For me, the year has hopefully been my last as a full time mom for a while.  Not because I don't enjoy it, but because it is time to take some of the financial responsibility off Gary so he can be around more.  I pray for my schooling to finish up and for the right job to come my way.  A prayer that all I have learned for the past 6 years being the mom of a special needs kiddo can be used.

Gary spent 2013 working.  Then ended painfully with the loss of his mom. He has put aside a lot and missed a lot to keep us afloat.  I pray that for him 2014 offers more time to enjoy what he wants to enjoy, more time to spend with his kiddo's (and me!), time to pursue career goals, time to get back into singing and ministry at church, time to live.

So, not exactly resolutions, but hopes and dreams for 2014.  May they all come true.

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