Friday, February 14, 2014

AJ's Latest Mission

I need to learn to be careful what I say.  No I don't have an issue with foul language...  It's just that I have this little one who is quite sure there is nothing she can not do.

Here's where it all started.  I was talking to Mckenna about cross country and a color run coming up she wanted to do.  Ayden Jane wanted to know when she could do another run.  I told her that we would still do the big run/walk with Ellie but that's was not going to satisfy her.  Ayden Jane wants to race like Mckenna.  So.... I opened my big mouth and I told her that when she can run a whole mile without stopping I will enter her in a race.

So today, Gary and I were up at the high school and Ayden Jane decided it was time to show us she can run a mile.  She knows that's four times around the track and off she went.  First lap, no problem.  She stopped a minute to taunt us with a bit of, "see I told you I can do it..." and then off for lap number two.  She did pretty well with the second lap.  The third lap, well, she informed us that she could do it except she was getting tired. lol.  Yes, AJ, that's the problem, you get tired.

Ayden Jane is so determined.  She wants to start running every day so she can run the whole mile without stopping.  All we had to do was tell her it is hard and she might not be able to... 

I suppose I should mention that we did all this after Ayden Jane had ridden her scooter and powerwing all over the neighborhood.  Followed later by conquering riding her 2 wheel bike!  She had just about gotten that a while back, but with the nasty weather we hadn't pulled it out in a while. Today she hopped on and with a little push to get started she rode all up and down the streets in our neighborhood!

I think we ALL were happy for a sunny day!


  1. AJ (and mama) you are amazing!! Keep at it! I cannot wait for spring as we normally walk 4+ miles a day. A~man isn't gaining weight but I'm starting to gain back what I have lost! :(