Sunday, February 23, 2014

What If

"What if" is not a question a parent of a child with special needs can allow to roll around in their heads for long.  It leads no where good.  I guess it doesn't really help anybody at any point ...

For the most part we are so incredibly aware of how blessed we are that Ayden Jane can do ________ or is so typical.  Watching her swim laps in the pool, ride her bike with no training wheels, listen to her read a book and it all seems so typical.  Then came the soccer game on Saturday. lol.

Watching Ayden Jane's little brain fire more slowly and struggle to even figure out which foot to kick with...  She changes direction, but often after the play is changing direction again.  She arrives on the scene as the ball is kicked away.

In the end, the fact that she is just not a soccer player is not the problem.  Watching the girls that would likely have been her friends run off without her is much harder.  No, they are not being mean.  Yes, they would play with Ayden Jane if she could keep up or even if they knew she wanted to.  No, they do not intentionally leave her out.  Ayden Jane is perfectly happy to do things her way and doesn't really even notice, but it makes me allow that awful question, "what if Ayden Jane had all her chromosomes intact?" 

That's a place it is just best not to go!  Hopefully I will be able to enjoy watching her play soccer and most importantly, hopefully Ayden Jane will enjoy it!

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