Monday, February 17, 2014


If you have read a few of the posts or just looked at pictures you know we have 4 kids.  They are a wide age span and are very different in personality but are very close as siblings.  It is a wonderful thing as a parent to watch your kids truly enjoy being together. 

This weekend we asked Noah to come home and help clean up the yard from all the limbs left by the ice storm.  He did so willingly and ran the chain saw much of yesterday afternoon.  He is a strong 18 year old young man who has 3 sisters.  He and Kayla are tight like good friends as they are a year and a half or so apart in age.  They joke and mess with each other, but there is no doubt that if ever one needed the other, to the rescue they will come in a flash.

More amazing to me is the bond between Noah and his 'little' sisters.  Mckenna thinks the world of him (and Kayla) and enjoys any time he includes her.  He does little things like take her to sonic for a drink or just sit and tease her in the way that a big brother shows he cares.  No doubt he is looking out for her as she enters the crazy teen years ahead.  Mckenna has two awesome examples to follow in Kayla and Noah and she strives to be the best of both of them.

Ayden Jane melts his heart.  Noah and Kayla were old enough through all of AJ's struggles to really understand the battle she faces.  I believe Noah would do just about anything to help Ayden Jane.  He is patient with her but is never a push over.  Ayden Jane tows the line with Noah and they have a lot of fun together.  This trip home Noah put Ayden Jane to bed each night.  He read her stories and told her stories.  Ayden Jane looked forward to it all day long.

Last night as I put AJ to bed she said, "It was a great day.  Noah went to church with us and sat with me at lunch.  I miss Noah when he is at college but I know he loves me."  Yep.  He sure does AJ.

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