Saturday, February 1, 2014

Healthy Wins

So I was thinking about how sweet it is that, for now, Ayden Jane's desire to stay healthy is stronger than her drive to eat.  It comes out in silly ways that assure me she is really okay with the way things are in regard to food.

Here are two examples: 

As Ayden Jane and Mckenna race through the house being goofy, Ayden Jane taunts Mckenna (think na nana na na):  "Dr. Miller's gonna fix my Krebs cycle so I can eat more sugar than you can." 

Gary made cinnamon rolls for Mckenna for breakfast.  Ayden Jane asked what they were and when we told her they were bread she broke into song (think bad opera) "I don't eat bread, I don't eat bread, I don't eat bread cause it's not good for me.  I don't eat bread cause it doesn't make me strong, I don't eat bread cause it crashes me.  Oooohhhhh, bread...."  It went on for a long time and was hysterical.

Meanwhile, a few days ago while we were iced in by the storm and off school for a couple of days, Mckenna was bored and made cupcakes she decorated into ninja turtles.  Ayden Jane asked her about them as she made them and Mckenna told her they were sugar cupcakes and then they went on to have a conversation about ninja turtles.  The uneaten cupcakes are still on the kitchen table and the thought to try them does not even cross Ayden Jane's mind. 

After messing her up with the too high ribose dosing (see a few posts back) I am more aware of just how great I have it.  Don't get me wrong, feeding AJ is still a lot of work because there has to be food that is good for her available at each meal and meals can't be skipped or she 'crashes'.  However, there is no driving hunger and Ayden Jane talks frequently about the importance of choosing things that keep her healthy.

My favorite thing this week was watching her choose something to have with Daddy for his birthday.  She decided Daddy shouldn't eat cake but she wanted him to have a treat.  She had me pull up recipes on the computer that were treats but would be okay for her to eat.  She picked a coconut, chocolate chip bar sort of thing.  It had no sugar and she loved making it special to eat with Dad.  All in all, I'd say this little six year old has the whole food thing under control.  (for now.... ugggh)

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