Monday, February 17, 2014

Spring of Sports

Today Ayden Jane and I spent the morning running around purchasing sports equipment.... for her.  First we had to go find some new goggles.  She was convinced that the ones she owns are too small.  Last swim class her coach told her that she needed goggles to keep her head facing the bottom and then she would be much faster.  She really does need to wear them but.... you know how little ones can be.  If it is her idea it might happen.

Honestly, she has the stroke and swam all the way down and back without touching.  She picks her head up to see where she is in the water because she isn't wearing goggles.  Then it takes a lot of effort to get her momentum back. If she will wear them she will swim like a champ!

Next up was soccer gear.  Ayden Jane is not likely going to be a soccer super star, but she was determined to play this spring.  So we now have new cleats, socks and a ball.  It all just struck me a little funny that I spent my morning collecting sports gear for my kiddo with PWS.  So much for not being able to keep up!

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