Tuesday, February 11, 2014

On the Mend

Ayden Jane has been on Augmentin for 5 days now.  The turn around is so crazy.  You know, the whole having no idea how sick your kiddo was until they start to feel better. 

The difference with Ayden Jane is even more dramatic than with my other kiddos.  First is the physical.  When infection takes hold in AJ she gets 'puffy'.  It happens slowly and I generally start worry about her weight and stress...  Then after a few days on the antibiotic the kid just loses all the fluid.  She looks soooo much better.  Even her face looks thinner.  Next impressive is her emotional stability.  Tonight she goofed around with Mckenna.  Ayden Jane was silly and relaxed and playful.  This was after a full day of school and an after play time with the boys.  Energy level is back up and she does not get tired.  Finally, food is not a concern!!  No worrying about the next meal.  No asking for food.  No asking for extra things at a meal.  Just happy for what she has and patient and calm.

It is evenings like this that make me wonder what Ayden Jane would be like without PWS.  As she played with Mckenna she is so stinking funny!  She was using an app on the Ipad and making pictures of Kayla and Noah and sending them.  She was playfully arguing hair color and giving people funny hats and crazy things.  Nothing all that note worthy, other than she was being such a typical kiddo.  It is like a glimpse of what life would have been like without PWS.  So different for her, so different for her siblings and so different for us.

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