Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Little in Awe

We have been at this parenting business now for going on 21 years.  Let's be honest, we all start out with dreams and plans and "I'll never let my kid...."  But as you go along your 'parenting style' develops and morphs and hopefully comes out in the end not scarring your kids too badly.

Mostly, you pray for your kids and do your best to introduce them to God and what it means to have a relationship with Him.  After all, He will always be there for them.  You teach them the Bible as their guide through life.  Of course, the problem is, how they actually decide to live life is entirely up to them.  Okay, maybe not entirely, but you know what I mean.

This spring I have enjoyed conversations with my 'big kids.'  As I have listened to them talk and try to find their way through the process of becoming adults I am in awe of what God is doing in them.

Kayla just desires to use her big brain and talents to serve needy South American kids in pretty much any way she can.  She wants to care for them medically, educationally and spiritually.  Even more impressive is that she is putting her feet in motion and making it happen.  She is raising funds to spend her summer in Honduras (and not making money for next school year).  She will be stretched and used by God in so many ways. 

Noah struggled with staying at his college or transferring.  Not because he was a freshman who couldn't handle where he was, but because he felt God was calling him to study His word.  What 18 year old boy goes to college and decides after one semester that the lack of God in his daily life is just not a good plan.  He showed such courage by speaking his heart with his new coach and even expressed to him that he needed to be released because he felt he had to choose God over soccer and that to stay would be putting soccer first.  Wow.  It was hard on him and I am sure that wrestling over these decisions was lonely.  In the end, it seems God has led him to an opportunity to study His word and remain where he is.

So, sure I am proud of them both for their efforts in their studies.  I love watching them laugh together and truly enjoy being together and with their younger siblings.  I am proud of the 'good kids' they are.  As for their hearts and dreams and courage to follow God's leading in their lives?  Well, I guess I'm a little in awe.

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