Monday, April 14, 2014


Okay, so it has been a looooongggg while.  Life is so ridiculously busy and I wish things would slow down and let me catch up!  Oh, wait, that's what spring break will be for!  (only a few more days....)

I guess I will hit a few highlights.  First up, Ayden Jane played soccer this spring. Regular rec soccer with typical kids her age. It is not the first time she has been on a soccer team, but it feels like the first time she played soccer.  We started the season with not even being able to figure out which foot to use to kick.  She is really left footed we are pretty sure now, but the coach was trying to help her and started her off with her right.  The result was hysterical.  I am glad to say that she has figured it out and had an absolutely fabulous season.  She even scored her first goal!!  By the end of the season she was hooked and cannot wait to play again next fall.  I have to say her coach was amazing with all the kids but particularly with Ayden Jane. (Sorry no pictures as our computer is in the shop and I have no clue how to do pictures from this one:)

Next, Ayden Jane received her 3rd report card from kindergarten.  Every skill was checked off as mastered and her reading level was a level B on the Fountas and Pinnell levels.  I am told that the school wants first graders at a level C by the beginning of grade 1.  That is totally doable!  I would venture to guess we can get her to a D or E by fall.

Come back soon for more updates on Ayden Jane and for new updates on Noah, Kayla and Mckenna :)  It has been a busy month and I have only scratched the surface.

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