Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fun in Greenville

It was a crazy road trip.  Starting with a last minute change in Noah's schedule which made it possible for him to come along.  We picked him up on our way to Shriners.  After the appointment we checked into the hotel and Kayla came and picked up Noah and they headed off to Clemson for the evening.  We hung out and swam in the pool with the Spearman's and then Ayden Jane and I went back to 'Ellie's house' and had a sleep over.  It was very cute how excited the girls were and Gwyn and I had a chance to just talk.  You know, without the little ones needing something in the middle of every conversation.

The following day we went to the zoo and played on a great playground just outside the zoo.  Here a couple of videos of my kids being .... well, my kids.  Just enjoying hanging out together and being silly.


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