Monday, April 21, 2014

No Curve?

We made it to Shriners and headed in for our appointment.  Noah and Mckenna enjoyed the pool table up stairs after Ayden Jane gave them a quick tour.  Gary, AJ and I headed to the room to wait for .. Dr./nurse/PA?  We chatted and then headed for x-rays.  They have a really cool new scanner where AJ stood inside and held really still.  It takes x-rays of both the front and side view at the same time.  I saw the pictures as they were taken and didn't really think I saw much of a curve.

We headed back to the room to wait for the Dr. and surprise!  Therapy dogs were everywhere!  Ayden Jane loved it.  Finally, (yea, they were really busy) they came in and pulled up the x-rays.  The Dr. looked at them and said, "Basically, no curve.  You can't get x-rays better than that."  Wahoo!

I told him we had started out at 22-23 degrees.  He asked if we had casted or braced and I was very surprised when I told him neither.  I said we have just done PT, hippo therapy and swimming.  Ayden Jane piped in, "I have worked very hard so I'm not surprised..."  Dr. just said that he has no explanation as to how that reduced a 23 degree curve but to just keep doing whatever we are doing!  DEAL!

We had so much fun on the rest of our trip, but that will have to wait until I get some pictures loaded...

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