Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Break

The fabulous news on Ayden Jane's back and the awesome time spent in Greenville was a great start to spring break.  The weather has been awesome since and Ayden Jane has already been boogie boarding and building sand castles.  The water is still way too cold for me but she does not even hesitate!

Around the house she likes to ride scooters and bikes and play on the trampoline.  The other day she wanted to ride her bike, but we remembered it is broken.  The back tire is flat and the chain keeps popping off.  Not a huge loss as it really is too small for her, but what to do next?  We have talked about buying her a new bike but it is always a little hard to know what size. 

We decided to get down an old bike that had been Noah's (and Mckenna's and a couple other kids).  It is bigger and even more striking, it is much heavier.  I cleaned it up, put down the seat, pumped up the tires and decided it was safe.  Ayden Jane was excited.  When she first took hold of it, she and the bike went tumbling over.  And I mean even before she got on!  The bulk of it was hard for her to hold and attempt to mount.  She struggled for a few minutes and I offered to help.  Her response to my offer, "Mom, just go back inside.  I'll figure it out."

So back inside I went.  When I couldn't stand it any longer I went out to check on her and she was not in sight.  Don't panic, that was a good sign.  She is allowed to ride down around the corner in the dead end cul-de-sac.  I hopped on the power wing to see how she was getting along.  She was struggling a bit to get started again but made it clear she had it under control. 

By the end of the day she was ready to venture across the neighborhood to play on the playground at her school.  What do you think?


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