Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Medical Stuff - Made Fun

Tomorrow, bright and early, we head to Shriner's for a check on Ayden Jane's scoliosis.  As a quick review, a year and a half ago we were shocked to discover that Ayden Jane had a curve of 22 degrees.  That was not too many degrees away from casting.  We hit PT and whatever else we could think of hard.  Also, the illness from the previous winter finally had been conquered and her little body began to recover it's tone.  The next check was 6 months later and her curve had been cut in half!  It was measured at 11 or 12 degrees.  We were told to head back in another 6 months and happily things were still stable.  The doctors were very satisfied and we were told that this curve would not impact things negatively.  We were told to come back in 1 year.  That's tomorrow.

I know that most likely things are still good.  The doctors were expecting that things would remain stable and this is just a sort of check to be safe.  Knowing things in you head does not always calm the heart.  If news is as expected then great.  If news is better than expected than praise God.  If news is not great, then we will make a plan and deal with it.... like always.  I'll keep reminding myself of this for the next 24 hours...

So how do we keep Ayden Jane cool with all these medical appointments and tests and stuff?  Make it fun.  Going to Shriner's is easy because she has a friend there named Ellie.  She has been counting the days until we 'get her back checked' so she can see Ellie.  We will stay the night and go to the zoo and just have fun.  I do the same when we go to see Dr. Miller in Florida.  In truth though, Ayden Jane just loves to go on 'adventures' and is a great little traveler.

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