Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Lot to Catch Up On

It's official!  School's out for the summer!  I think I am more excited than Ayden Jane!  I enjoyed my return to teaching, but was definitely thrown in full steam ahead!  I'll catch up on all the 'events' of the spring as we go through the month.  I am glad to have time to get back to writing it all up.

First up, a while back Gary really threw us a curve.  After being sick with general asthma/respiratory stuff for a while and being sedentary he ended up in the hospital with 16 clots in his lungs!!  The good news is that his heart checked out as fine along with most everything else. He threw a clot from his leg due to being down for the count with the other illness. He is/will be on blood thinners for a while and is starting a road to health himself.  Hopefully, he will be back in full action and feeling much better before too long.  (although it will not be an easy task)

Gary and Ayden Jane had an adventure this spring as well.  Many mornings I left Ayden Jane 80 percent ready for school and it was up to Gary to finish her off and get her there.  AJ gave him an awful time!  He was not full strength and AJ wanted things the way she had been used to since the start of school.  Mommy's way.  I think I basically set him up for failure!

Then throw in strep throat just to put AJ in a foul mood and finally an end of the year sinus infection.  These make her down right argumentative and Frustrating!  Not to mention hungry, emotionally unstable and impossible to please.  Gary may actually be the most happy about school being out and me being back home full time!

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