Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ayden Jane is doing her best to get rid of what's left of the crud.  She is torn.  She wants to play all out because it is finally summer, but keeps wearing out!  She should probably be taking it easy, but that is easier said than done.  Her style tends to be play til you drop, then sleep like a rock.

The transition to summer has her spinning a little for structure.  She makes me crazy and cracks me up all at the same time.  She wants to go to the beach and the pool everyday.  Plan walks for the dog, hit the water park ...  Today at the beach I kept saying, "we have lots of time.  We don't need a plan.  Let's just enjoy what we are doing and not worry about what we are going to do next." 

Ayden Jane's version is, let's boogie board, then eat my snack.  After that we can build a sandcastle and then take a walk.  While doing one thing she is talking about the steps to follow.  She wants to know how long we can 'surf' so that we have time to fit everything in...  

Summer goal one:  Enjoy what you are doing and relax!  There is time to do everything fun and have fun doing everything!

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