Sunday, June 22, 2014

PWS Hunger?

A few times lately Ayden Jane has talked about being hungry.  Not the sort of, "hey there's food, can I have some?" sort of thing she used to do.  She has finished a meal and then 15 minutes later said she was hungry.  I just reminded her that she had just eaten and told her that her belly was trying to trick her.  She didn't really ask more questions and just went on her merry way.

Since then, I have heard her tell her belly, "be quiet belly.  It's not time to eat right now."  It is both really cute and really sad.  I don't know if this is a PWS sort of hunger or not, but it does seem to be different.  It seems more intense and almost painful.  I don't really ask her to describe it or talk much about it other than what she chooses because it seems like that would somehow give it power.

For now, she uses her head to think about when she just ate.  Sometimes she asks when we will eat next and then she just tells her belly to be quiet and let her play.  Other times, when she is hungry at mealtimes you can just tell it is different.  Often she will even used different words like, "I am out of energy and need some supper."  There is no huge sense of urgency about it.  And still other times I know she needs to eat because it has been a while, she has been playing hard and she is argumentative.  Often times at this point you have to convince her to eat because she will refuse and think she is not hungry.

I guess in the end it is just evidence of how 'off' her hunger and satiety cues are.  She is not at all food seeking and wants to 'be healthy' so will ask for help as it comes to food and portions.  The other night she asked me, "do you think I am pretty amazing the way I control my food?"  No lack of confidence here... she just loves to hear how amazing she is.

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