Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Swim Team

Ayden Jane had one major mission this summer.  Swim team.  She has sort of lurked on the edge of swim team and, although she tried, was just not ready to compete with the other kids.  Of course, she was also younger than most of them...

This summer she is 6 and can swim in the 6 and under age group.  Perfect.  She will be one of the oldest kids in her age group and quite honestly, none of them will be setting the pool on fire.

AJ has regular swim team practice two days a week with an optional Saturday start clinic.  Even though Ayden Jane was asking if she could race, I skipped the first meet because she had not even seen the pool where the races take place and had never tried to dive off a block.  I couldn't just throw her in so we went to the start clinic on Saturday.

Okay.  Ayden Jane does not even know how to dive.  Her instructor, B, is amazing with her.  He just tells her what she is supposed to do and gives her time and space to try it.  She still doesn't really dive, but she has a confident belly flop and just swims on like her dive was perfect.

I was talking to B after practice yesterday.  I mentioned her racing and starting...  I was a little hesitant still thinking maybe she should work on it a bit more before putting her up on that block on her own and finding out if she will 'dive' in and swim or just turn to the person behind her and interview them before swimming.

B told me how awesome Ayden Jane did.  He was impressed with how she listened and how she was just not afraid.  He said he hesitated when it was AJ's turn to climb up on the block (he started working with all the kids on the deck) but Ayden Jane was already climbing...  He says throw her in the meet now and don't worry about it.  He will be there cheering her on and telling her what to do if she needs help.

One more practice tomorrow and then Thursday is the big meet!  No doubt she will do it in Ayden Jane fashion.  Fearless and on her own terms.

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