Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Week Two

This week Ayden Jane has gone to Vacation Bible School.  She is having a great time with her friends.  I love how excited she gets over little things. 

She is still not totally back to her old self from strep throat and then secondary infection.  Some pretty major snoring is going on and she has a stuffy sound like her passages are blocked.  In talking to Dr. M we dropped her gh in half for a few days and it seemed to help.  The explanation is something like this.  There is no scientific evidence that supports dropping or stopping gh when ill but just a feeling that sometimes it helps to reduce the metabolic demands.  Sort of allowing the body to rest and relax a bit and therefore drop the inflammation.  I don't know if that's why, but it definitely helped AJ.  We were at a half dose for a few days (0.4) and the snoring stopped and she was able to really blow her nose.  Yesterday I went back up to 0.6 but as I am typing now, I am listening to her snore from her bedroom.  Thinking it's gonna be 0.4 for another day or two.

Today in PT Jen did our annual evaluation.  Basically, Ayden Jane has topped out of the standard developmental tools, so we just looked at 90 day goals and talked about some options.  On her goals was riding a two wheeler.  Check.  Dribbling a ball 5 consecutive times.  Check.  Jumping rope (with some modifications) Check.  Lots of other patterns of movements I don't want to describe.  Check.   Ayden Jane made significant gains in coordination and motor planning and combining skills. 

Question came as to where do we go from here.  Stay at once a week, drop down to once a month or even look at dismissing.  I told Jen that Ayden Jane already was pretty sure she was going to college with her when the time comes so dismissing really isn't an option. 

We decided to finish the summer at weekly and then look to drop down at the next 90 days when we start first grade and have lots of other things to work on.  She asked me what my concerns were.  The biggest two PT things are body awareness as she is back into a phase where she is just crashing into things, spilling things, knocking things over... basic bull in a china shop issues.  And the visual piece with cross dominance being an issue.  (It is so cool to have a PT that can work so many things.)  Also, I think we need to keep an eye on the back and the legs.  Typically summer, when we are out of orthotics a lot and running around barefoot is when AJ gets to really rotating the right leg in a not so good manner.  It has happened the last two summers.

If all goes as planned, AJ will have drop down to having PT monthly in Aug/Sept.  Wow does that seem like a major milestone!  It has been weekly for 6 years!!

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