Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Days

Summer is off to a great start.  I am adjusting back into life at home and mostly hanging out with Ayden Jane.  I am trying to get her totally healthy again after she had strep throat and then an upper respiratory infection on the tail end of that...  She is supposed to be taking in easy per Dr. M's orders, but that is no easy task on the first week of summer!

It has been entertaining/exhausting to hear her questions and get glimpses into how she thinks and how her brain is constantly trying to organize thoughts about everything.  Building a sandcastle leads to wondering if God made himself?  She rambled in a circle for a minute:  Did God make himself or did something else make God.  If something else made God than it would be more powerful than God so that can't be right.  What do you think mom?

Next was a random thought about baby Jesus.  If Jesus was God even when he was a baby, then did he already know everything and be able to do everything?  That would be cool to see a tiny baby that could do everything already.

She doesn't muse about only religious topics.  So today she asked me what's the difference between a nurse and a Dr. I told her that Drs. go to school longer and learn more. So we chatted about Daddy being a nurse and what he does....

Then she asked what's the difference between a regular Dr. and an 
"en-do-crin-ologist"?  So I proceeded to explain what specialists are and how 
they are 'regular' doctors first and then decide to concentrate on one area.  
Sooooo (yea, you didn't think she was done did you) then she wanted to know 
what's different between Dr. Miller and Dr. Clark since they are both endocrinologists.  
I told her that Dr. Clark sees and treats kids with PWS but also kids with other 
problems like diabetes and Dr. Miller takes care of only (okay, so that's an exaggeration but go with it) people with PWS and spends part of her time trying to learn new things about PWS.  Whew.

So her response?  "Yay!!  If all she does is Prader Willi Syndrome than she 
should be able to fix my Krebs Cycle soon, don't ya think?"  My standard answer 
for the next two weeks?  You should ask Dr. Miller about that when you see her 
:)  Looking forward to seeing her at a conference soon and listening to Ayden Jane fire questions at her!

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  1. LOVE IT! A~man also loves to talk about God...mainly at midnight...I would loved to hear the two of them have a conversation about it together. :)