Saturday, August 9, 2014

Questions on the Beach

It's been a busy week and with all the rain before that, we missed being on the beach.  We headed out today and Ayden Jane had a great time riding the waves.  It is so much fun to watch her have so much fun.

Typically, after she works hard playing in the waves she has a snack.  We usually pack some nuts and a drink and plop down on the boogie board and watch the ocean while she snacks.  Often this is a time when the deep questions (or hysterical comments like, "why are that guys shorts so stinkin' tight?") come.  Her body is calm and she is relaxed.

The question that started things off today was, "how do people get big bellies and does it make them feel bad?"  (the feel bad is in reference to health, not feelings)  Which led to: Is my belly big?  What do they do to make their belly big and how do they make it small again?  Why can some people like Noah eat so much and not get a big belly and other people can't eat very much?  It was the first time I included that people with PWS have to be careful because it is easy to get a big belly and extra hard for them to lose it.

I introduced her to two new words: metabolism and calorie.  She is so ready to understand the entire big picture of metabolism and food and sugars and managing it all ...

The best part is that Dr. Miller is going to take charge of explaining it all to her in November when we go to see her.  I do my best but Ayden Jane finds something I can't explain and then gets stuck on that.  I am ready for her to truly understand the big picture and start the process of managing her own food.  Her discipline is astounding and she truly has no problem cutting things out or limiting things if she understand why.

We will keep a 3 day diet log and send that on ahead so it can be analyzed and Dr. Miller can show her what is good and what needs to be improved ect.  I sure hope Dr. M doesn't have too busy a day because this kid's questions can go on forever and she really, really, really wants to understand it ALL.  It is challenging sometimes because she is 6 and wants to understand stuff that can be tough for an adult to fully comprehend.  (I might have to record it :)

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