Thursday, August 21, 2014

First Grade

This was at the end of Ayden Jane's first day of first grade.  She summed up the day saying that it was awesome, her teacher is REALLY nice and she is sure she will be able to learn everything she is supposed to in first grade.  I'd say that's a success!

I brought her scooters and we rode them home together.  Possibly not my best choice with a heat advisory in effect, but we made it.  She did fall asleep on the sofa after a snack and a drink, but I was not surprised.

She could tell me a good bit about her day and knew just what she was supposed to do for 'homework' (bringing in items to help describe her talent, a favorite and what is special about our family)

Today was day two and it seemed to go just as well.  She did ask if she can take a basketball to school tomorrow.  Ha!  The kid has never played basketball in her life!  Apparently, a new friend wants to play basketball with her so she is all in.  I'm not sure it's going to work out as AJ plans, but there is no telling her no!  I hope it doesn't cause a melt down on day 3 but I'm not going to start telling her not to try things now!  She seems to pull off anything she puts her mind to so I will send her with ball in hand and hope for the best!

Just one of my Marlin moments:)  You know, from Nemo - "You think you can do these things AJ but you can't"  I love how she keeps proving my inner Marlin wrong.

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