Saturday, January 16, 2016

Fun Winter Beach Day

The temperature broke 60 degrees today so it seemed the perfect day to spend lots of time outside. Ayden Jane and I decided to ride our bikes to the beach and look for shells. The beach is just a couple miles from our neighborhood and there is a side walk. Not going to say that we made it 100 percent gracefully, but we made it with no crashing or even moments of panic.

It was perfect weather but the tide was a little high for finding shells so we didn't walk too far before Ayden Jane was ready to head back. Well, until we bumped into some friends and then the walk was back on!

Off season on the beach is so nice. Very few people and wide open beaches. Since we rode bikes down Ayden Jane wasn't even pushing to get out into the waves. 

On the way back she was saying her leg was getting sore ... but she quickly forgot about that as we got to our neighborhood. Then as we passed her friends house and there was a herd of kids playing she suddenly felt just fine. She hopped of her bike and joined in the fun for another hour or so before supper. 

It was definitely an early to bed night as she got out of the shower about 6:00 and by 6:30 she informed us she was going to put herself to bed. Love those nights. Of course, I will pay the price in the morning with a 6 AM wake up call. Totally worth it.

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