Friday, January 15, 2016


Here I am a week later. Not sure why time is going so fast these days but that's okay. We solved last weeks mystery and turned the corner to good behavior last Friday. Whew.

This week in school has had it's ups and downs but more in the sort of way that kids go in January when they'd rather be on summer vacation. The downs pretty much all line up on the side of not following directions... Our Ayden Jane truly loves to do things her own way.

It's a balancing act at times. I love the strong-willed nature and independent spirit because they are who she is. They give her the desire to conquer giant challenges. They keep her working hard at something until she gets it. They give her the confidence to forge on daily and know, with out a doubt, she will succeed. HOWEVER, there are times that parents and teachers do actually know more and she needs to accept and do... "just because I said so."  Yeah, I don't think much of that has anything to do with PWS. It may be cranked up in intensity because of PWS though.

So the ups of school this week? We have conquered subtraction with regrouping. And when I say conquered I mean totally understands the concept. Not just going through a pattern she has memorized but understanding the why and when. Now, not saying she doesn't make mistakes but I'm not worried about that. She can think math. Yay!

She has really keyed into the fitbit as well. Two nights this week she was over 9,000 steps and spent the last few minutes before bed doing circles around the house. It's pretty comical. One night she even had me out after 8:00 walking the dogs because she needed lots of steps.

I had a lot of fun watching her at the soccer fields the past 2 weeks. They were starting some club or travel type teams right, close by home and Ayden Jane wanted to play. I took her out but in the end they did not get enough girls to form a girls team in her age group. She can still play rec soccer only that will not start until into February. I am both happy and sad about it. Happy because I am not sure she was really ready skill wise to play with more serious soccer players and happy to save some money. Sad because she LOVED it. As I watched I saw she was fairly lost. Too many kids in the group (50) too many oral instructions. Too many things she has never done before. I worried she would get frustrated. Each night though, she came off with a big smile and told me she had so much fun and she couldn't wait for the next practice.

Ayden Jane took the news that there will not be a team pretty well. She was glad she will still have rec soccer because she loves to play. We will have to wait while which means finding ways to keep her active through January. I'm thinking dog walks and finding shells on the beach for a friend (another story) will have to fill the gap. Plus a bit of running. Once February gets here she will be back to swim team and soccer will start back and she will be back in the swing.

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