Monday, January 11, 2016

Rough Return to School

Whew, what a few weeks. So fun having Noah around and spending lots of family time. Lots of things to ramble about in terms of Christmas and family... but I'm going to cover this past week of school.

Monday was Ayden Jane's first day back to school. She seemed excited to go back the few days before but trying to get her dressed and ready and out the door was an exercise in patience! She just really didn't have an ounce of focus and was taking the long way for most everything - explanations included. I figured she was just a little tired from an awesome break and finally got her out the door.

It was not a banner day at school and she ended up bringing home a lot of work that honestly should have been accomplished in school. She did it without much complaining but oh, the lack of focus and amount of help she needed. Yikes.

Tuesday she again seemed off and her teacher asked me about her skin and the itching and sores. I honestly thought it was just dry skin because it finally got cold here and the heat came on... We all were reaching for lotion. Mrs. R just mentioned how distracted she was during the day and uncomfortable with the itching. Ayden Jane was happy after school and really wanted to go to soccer Tuesday night so we went. She had a great time but mentioned her belly hurt at one point.

Wednesday our getting out the door school routine was still struggling but ... Ayden Jane was a little more hungry than typical as well and definitely more argumentative. I figured she was tired and was not all that surprised when I found her in bed by 5 pm. She woke up about 10 and said her belly hurt and she thought she needed supper.  After eating a bit she went straight back to sleep and didn't get up until the next morning.

I figured, yes, she should be all caught up and have a great day finally. Nope.... was distracted at school, out of her seat and talking. She also was easily upset. Thursday I sent her off to school and when I was waiting out front at the end of the day, I was called in because her teacher wanted to speak with me. She was very concerned, asking for ideas to explain and correct the dramatic change in Ayden Jane. Ayden Jane had melted down 3 times and one of those time disappeared. Mrs. R had let her step into the hall to gather herself and Ayden Jane took it upon herself to find a comfy bench in the third grade hall...  I had no words of wisdom. It was as if Ayden Jane lost her drive and just didn't care. We came home and she mentioned her stomach again. Shortly after that she went potty and oh my! Problem discovered.  Apparently she had been fighting the stomach virus going around. She declared she felt much better but was still a little tired after that. We didn't even bother with homework and I wasn't sure if she would be going to school at all the next morning. You could just see her start to relax Thursday night.

Friday morning she woke up with bright eyes, cheery spirit and determined to get her homework done, study for her spelling test and study for her math quiz. She blew through the homework like it was nothing. She practiced her spelling words and chose to write them down - I had never been able to convince her before. She was great. School went wonderful, she did, in fact, get 100 on her spelling test and she did well on her math also.

I can honestly say, I have never been so thankful to find out one of my kids was sick. Ayden Jane is back to her old self and doing great. It will never cease to amaze me how being sick makes all the PWS characteristics come out. So incredibly thankful that we don't life that way. Now if I can just figure out that she is sick before it is over! At this point the skin is all clear with the exception of chapped lips and she is back on track in all other ways.

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