Saturday, January 23, 2016

Lab Results and Reading

We got Ayden Jane's lab results back yesterday. We were sort of looking for anything that would be energy related because of the issues we had getting back into the routine after Christmas. Of course, now that the illness it completely behind her, the energy is back and she is back to Ayden Jane typical at school. Still, it was the time of year to do labs.

Results? Yippee. Happy to report all looks good. She is doing great inside and out.

As for Reading, her teacher did a "running record" the other day. This is a quick assessment done one on one where the student reads aloud to the teacher and answers comprehension questions. They do it a few times a year and track the students progress on the Fountas and Pinnell scale which goes from A-Z. Ayden Jane started second grade at a letter I, I think. That would put her just a little behind where she should be to enter second grade but nothing to panic about. Her latest assessment placed her at a level M. That translates to "exceeds expectations" for this time during second grade and "meets expectations" for the end of second grade. So basically, she has come up a full grade level in reading in half a school year. Woo Hoo.  I know that it is all a long linear scale and that's not really how kids develop but it is so nice to see those spurts along the way. Even if she were to not improve at all in reading the rest of this school year she would be totally on target for 3rd grade next year. Whew!

Not to mention her handwriting is really improving! Hoping that OT will continue next year and then she will transition to Intermediate school (grade 4-6) with not more need for it.

Yep, after a bumpy return to school after Christmas, I'd say Ayden Jane is back on track.

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