Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Labs and Subtraction

Okay, so labs and subtraction have absolutely nothing in common other than they are a part of Ayden Jane's life this week.

We had labs drawn this morning. Part went great and part... well, I'll just tell the story. We always do Ayden Jane's labs fasting. For whatever reason, the IGF-1 is more valid when done this way. I used to remember why but now I just accept it. The trouble with labs having to be done fasting is that, obviously, there can be no breakfast until labs have been drawn. It seems like half the time we are there, ready to go and they can't find the orders... Not fun when you have a little one and you are faced with a delay. Today was a dream for all of that. Lab orders were there, things were not busy so no major delays.

Typically, when they draw her labs they go through their kid routine and talk her through the whole draw. She has been an easy stick for the past 6 years with blood drawn at least 2 times a year. Then came this morning. The lab person checked one arm and Ayden Jane told her that's where they usually get blood. She decided to check the other. She stuck her and missed. She dug around a while and then decided to go right back where Ayden Jane told her to go in the first place. Still amazes me though, how calm she is about that sort of thing. No tears, not even really complaints. A little of an I told ya so tone but who could blame her? The lab person hit the vein no problem on that try but Ayden Jane was not bleeding very fast. Finally, the lab person straightened out AJ's arm a bit and told her, "that's the problem, you shouldn't be bending your arm." Ummm she's 8 and you never even mentioned that and she is in an adult chair which makes it pretty awkward to keep her arm straight. Again, AJ commented on how cool it was that now she was filling things up fast. Have to love her.

In the end, the lab person just said, "I'm done, you can go." Hahaha little did she know that Ayden Jane has been trained by the rest of the lab team. Not only does she get a sticker, but she gets all the stickers she wants because she rocks. Lets just say, I stepped back and let Ayden Jane do her thing and she walked out of there with at least 10 stickers.

Subtraction. It is something that I have taught to regular ed kids and special ed kids. Likely because of that experience I was not looking forward to Ayden Jane hitting the dreaded subtraction with regrouping. The great news is that she is doing great with it!! Yesterday when I sent a message to her teacher to see if there was a day better than others to miss the morning and head to get her labs drawn. The response was that it did not matter because Ayden Jane was rocking the subtraction. Woo Hoo!! I know that it is just one skill but it is so fun to hear of her doing great with things. I mean, she works so hard it just makes me happy for her and relieved that is will be an easy week homework wise :)

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