Thursday, February 2, 2012

Allergies, Will We Ever Know?

I took Ayden Jane to see an allergist/immunologist today.  We are trying to get to the bottom of a pretty significantly elevated eosinophil count.  What is and eosinophil you ask?  Basically it is a form of white blood cell that is elevated in the blood when allergens are present.  There are other reasons it can be elevated but those are much more rare and, hopefully, won't be the cause for AJ's.

We did the 'scratch test' for allergies.  (Not sure why it is called a scratch test as there is no scratching involved.)  Ayden Jane was great and tolerated the 15-20 min. she had to lay 'still' on her tummy.  Of course, however, she proved to be her classic ATYPICAL self.  Nothing reacted, not even the control.  This makes the test completely invalid.  We could have waited to do a blood draw for allergy testing that way, but I am not known for my patience.  I want to be sure it is allergies!  So, they drew her blood in the office.  I am so glad that she is really okay with this process and has become a pretty easy stick.

The results will be back in about a week.  In the mean time we will use Nasonex nasal spray and Zyrtec.  I am glad all the results will be back before I go see Dr. Clark (endo) on the 16th and we can sort of hash through all of this and figure out where to go from here.  Whew.  This has been a long confusing winter!  I am ready to solve this mystery...

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  1. Same for me !!

    I have been labeled with pseudo allergies. I have all the symptoms of allergy but no, I don't react on tests.

    However, don't worry if it's only pseudo allergy. The treatment is the same.
    I have had it since 1990, and I am 26 yo.
    No PWS involved, but ADHD and SSD (Single Sided Deafness), Maths LD (Learning Disability. The famous dyscalculia) and sensory issues (hyperacousia mainly, linked to SSD). So another unusual case for physicians in the boat.

    If it's not allergy,but pseudo allergy, it doesn't mean that you have made up the condition. The problem is still real.
    They just can't explain it.

    In the meantime, the treatment for pseudo allergy and allergy is the same : antihistamines.
    I take Aerius. Zyrtec makes the same effect as fresh water on my pseudo allergy, and Clarityne prevents me from sleeping (GP and allergologist said that it's a kind of unusual side effect with Clarityne. They make more drowsiness than preventing from sleeping, who knows why !!).
    Aerius is efficient without noticeable side effects on me.
    GP and allergologist said that it's the most important.

    Amazingly also, since I take methylphenidate for ADHD, I have some problems on body temperature control : I don't tolerate heat very well, sometimes not at all. But when GP says that it's freezing cold (whereas it's 12°C outside), I reply to her that I am not cold with what I am wearing. She is always amazed when it happens, even after years of caring me....
    (a side effect that even the manufacturer has never ever seen before)

    To get back on AJ, whatever it is, allergy or pseudo allergy, the most important is having an efficient way to handle it.