Saturday, April 28, 2012

Supplement Update

Ayden Jane is still 'over firing'.  She is the quintessential bull in a china shop.  Energy and strength abound, however she spends her days running into things, spilling things, hugging HARD, laughing LOUD, talking NON stop, getting really dirty and sweaty.... you get the picture.

Somehow, although she is out of control, she has better balance and coordination.  Just she goes so fast sometimes...

I talked with her teacher at the end of the week and she said that Ayden Jane is wild and loud...  Basically, AJ gets crazy excited over tiny things and is pretty demanding of attention but her awesome teacher says she is just thrilled that AJ is so "full of life."  A great teacher calls it enthusiasm (other teachers might call it lack of self control!)  

We had PT and she saw pretty much the same thing.  Whoa!  Slow down....  

In the past, we have seen a 2 week time frame with Ayden Jane.  She would go through 'out of control' cycles for about 2 weeks and then great new skills would pop up.  I remember once it was jumping, other times it was verbal...  Sort of like some new connections are being made, but she just can't quite control them yet.

So, the decision is/was, dial it back a bit or give Ayden Jane time to work through it.  Her teacher is totally supportive and her PT says ride it out so that is what we are doing.

I feel a bit bruised and battered and like I need to peel her off me at times (deep input seeking much?) but I'm in.  We shall see what this week holds...

Oh, one really awesome piece is that Ayden Jane holds my hand.  I know that sounds like a little thing, but Ayden Jane has never really reached for my hand.  She has always yanked away when I reach for her hand.  Ever since she was tiny, it is just something that bothered her, so I only grabbed on when necessary and then it was with a death grip.  This past week, she has reached for my hand and held it, just to walk together... :)

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