Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Break

I have been oh so slack about posting lately.  If I had to give a reason I guess it would be that there are too many things to talk about.  So, instead of trying to cover anything to update you on AJ, I am going to check in on the other 3.

Last weekend Kayla surprised us by getting a ride home for Easter.  It was a very short visit, but it was so fun to reconnect a bit.  Gary, Noah, Kayla and I stayed up very late on Friday night listening to stories and being entertained by Kayla and Noah catching up.  They really do miss each other and it will be great to see them head into the surf together this summer.  Ayden Jane attached herself to Kayla.  Everywhere we went she wanted to go in the same car as Kayla.  If Kayla sat down, Ayden Jane sat on her...  It was fun to see Kayla so surprised at some of the things Ayden Jane says.  When Kayla was home at Christmas, AJ was still fighting all the bacterial infection and just was not so much herself.  The verbal skills that popped out after she got better are soooo entertaining!

Kayla is finishing her freshman year at Clemson.  So strange to think that this time last year she was 'caving' and choosing to go to Clemson.  Now she would say it was the best decision ever!  She has thrived at college.  She is bringing some friends here this weekend to visit the beach.  It will be nice to meet a few people from her new life. She will head back to finish up and then will get to head to Florida and spend a few weeks doing 'student research' at UFL with Dr. Miller and some of her colleagues.  So cool.  Finally after that we will have her home for 3 months!

Noah is turning 17 soon.  He is working on where he wants to head to college... all that sort of stuff.  I think to some extent the end of his junior year is sort of like preparing for the storm.  His senior year will be filled with college applications, soccer and working.  Oh, and choosing where to spend the following four years and start his future!  He has had several colleges contact him regarding soccer, but not ones that he even had on his radar.  Merging what he wants in a major, finding a soccer program that he will fit well with and hopefully finding an affordable option will be challenging.

Mckenna is turning 11 in a month.  She will head into middle school age next fall and has lots of great kids for friends.  She is enjoying art and soccer and was invited by her music teacher to be a part of a program for music and drama.  She is brilliant and sensitive and truly just beginning to 'find' herself.

That's the wrap up around here.  I will try to be more interesting next time.

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