Saturday, April 7, 2012


So, here is part of an email I sent to Ayden Jane's endocrinologist.

Okay, so we have mentioned supplements and I told you that some of them had dramatic effects when young but I wonder sometimes if they make a difference now.

B-12 --  My, oh my, oh my!  Here is the scoop.  I give Ayden Jane 2 doses of B-12.  One contains 1000 mcg of cyanocobalamin, B-6 and Folic Acid.  It is a chewable from Bluebonnet.  The other is 5000 straight methylcobalamin chewable from bluebonnet.  I ran out of the methyl form end of last week and didn't make it to the little health food store in town that sells them.  No worries... I went Monday and they were out of them because they were back ordered.  Hmmmm.  Next order coming in Friday... eh, I could just order online.

Monday AJ had a not so great day at school, but manageable.  At the playground during Mckenna's soccer practice she melted down over peanuts.  She could not plan past the one little road block... Then she chose to watch kids play way more than play.  Odd, but she is 4 I figured.

Tuesday at school, she decided to help herself to a snack of blueberry muffins!!! (They caught her one bite in)  She has had NO issue with eating a different snack and has turned down an option when offered. She proceeded to argue her case over these and to have melt downs over nothing and her teacher (who is AMAZING was really concerned!).  Horses went fine in the evening and then she was uncharacteristically difficult at Noah's game afterwards.  We just took her home early and she went to bed.

Wednesday she woke up great and I expected a great day at school.  Wow was I wrong!  When I picked her up, AJ had been asking for food, totally unstable emotionally and not able to solve a single problem for herself.  They actually had to remove her from the room and take her for a walk to calm her down.  She has never struggled anything like that. Next came PT.  I did not tell Jen because I wanted to see what would happen.  Finally, after about 45 min. 2 major falls and Jen getting concerned something serious was going on I told her of my suspicion that it was B-12 related.  She said that what she saw was AJ's motor planning and body awareness were way off.  Ayden Jane also had moments of staring into space sort of half here.

So, Wednesday after all this had transpired I had a chance to think about it all over the course of the past few days other notable things:

1) The past several days Ayden Jane was R E S T L E S S in her sleep at night.  She was talking, fell out of bed and was just generally all over the place in her sleep.

2) She was constantly attached to me.  And I mean touching, squeezing, banging into, climbing on, wrestling with... 

3) Argumentative.  And I mean more than usual :)

4) Falling a lot.

5) Completely unable to talk and do anything at the same time.

6) Fell asleep in the car on errands.  This is the kid that talked in the car on a trip to Richmond from bedtime to    10 pm because she just doesn't sleep in a car with a captive audience!!

So what is a Mom to do?  Drive to the not so near vitamin shoppe and see what I can find.  I found this:

I gave Ayden Jane 2 Wed. late afternoon. She slept much better... Although did wake me up at one point to tell me Go Bears!  (Gary's a Chicago Bears fan)  Of course she was still sleeping, but she was in one place much longer with little thrashing about.

Then 2 Thursday morning.  Thursday at school the report was that she started to spiral down, but was able to catch herself and turn it around.  She skipped the nap Thurs. afternoon after school even with Easter party (and not food issues), and an OT eval.  She did great in the OT eval (Which means she did poorly enough to qualify), although fell off her chair 3 times... and a few other non AJ like things.

Bizzare!  But sooooo not giving up the B-12 EVER. 

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  1. My goodness. More than anyone else I've heard of, your kiddo sure does need her B-12!! I was just thinking about this recently because I've been thinking about dropping it for Dean. I don't think it does anything anymore. SO crazy how different our kids all are.