Monday, April 16, 2012

More B-12 and Spring Break

Spring Break was a great week!  It was like a 3 part vacation with family coming in the first weekend over Easter, some beach, playground and spring cleaning time in the middle and then Kayla bringing 4 friends from Clemson in on the last weekend!

Ayden Jane and I tried to clean up a bit and play a lot mid week.  I got her back on the B-12 and it has been awesome!  She is much more her typical self with behavior.  I even bumped her dose and bit we had this bizarre thing at the playground.  She has tried for a loooonnnggg time to walk along the edging of the play equipment on the playground.  It is a low, black plastic wall to keep the mulch in.  She likes to try to walk on it like a balance beam, but has not been very successful.  Last week she popped up on it and started walking foot over foot a long way and was just rock steady.  It was so strange!  Just a week earlier when we were there she could no where near come close to that!

Kayla a company were great to have around.  They are really nice girls and they were so great to Mckenna and Ayden Jane.  Mckenna tagged along to the beach and Habenero's and where ever.  She played Mario Cart with them and they never felt like she was a bother.  Ayden Jane was thrilled she always had someone to talk to!  AJ went swimming a bit, but it is still cold.  She is still determined to get in and ride waves as soon as we get there.  After 20 or 30 minutes in the ocean she wants to get out and warm up but so far the breeze at the beach has made warming up impossible!  The kid literally turns purple and requires a hot shower to get warm again.  (I know, bad parenting... but I take her home to the hot shower!)

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