Monday, April 16, 2012


We have the results of Ayden Jane's most recent labs.  Things are still not right on the inside.  Her IGF-1 is just not coming down so we reduced her gh dose for now.  Other things indicate that the inflammation is taking it's good old time going away.  Other interesting thing is that her creatinine was low.  I stopped supplementing with creatine during the illness thinking that it would help with some of the fluid balance issues and because it can be tough on the kidneys...

Due to the recent accidental experiment with B-12 and the discovery that dosages definitely need to be readressed I am on a supplement mission.  With the help and guidance of Ayden Jane's endocrinologists I plan to revisit our supplements and maximize their use.  I have already increased the B-12 and started to add back in the creatine.

Next up comes D-Ribose.  Back when AJ was about 18 months and scrawny, even a bump in gh did not help her put on an ounce of muscle mass.  Not until I added the combo of creatine and ribose.  I thought I saw some good benefits from ribose, but it was challenging to manage the drops in blood sugar it can cause.  Ayden Jane's blood sugar was tough to keep up as it was...  She is much more stable in that category now so I am thinking it is time to give it a go again.  It has been ordered and is on it's way

Consensus so far?  Teachers report a great day at school.  Ayden Jane is LOUD and hilarious.  Only problem I had today was I had trouble understanding her a few times because she is talking so fast!  Food? No issues. Liquid?  Voluntarily drinking fluids... asked for and drained a full bottle of propel zero.

I'll keep you posted!

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