Sunday, April 22, 2012


Well, I am keeping the supplements rolling.  Ayden Jane finished the school week well and her teachers feel she is doing great.  Mrs. J said that Ayden Jane is beginning to seek out friends to play with and doing a great job negotiating how to truly play games with her friends.  This is a big one for Ayden Jane.  I can't say that this was caused by the supplements because it could just be maturity kicking in, but it is apparently a very noticeable difference so I have to wonder.

It has truly been a crazy few days.  Noah turned 17 (more on that another night!) on Thurs. had soccer games Thurs. and Friday nights and the prom on Sat. night.  It was sort of a 3 day festival!  Ayden Jane stayed up ridiculously late on Thursday and Friday nights.  The fact that she was able to without 'crashing' is pretty amazing in itself.  Then Sat. and Sun it rained and rained and rained!  Uggg.  So, basically, it has just been a strange bunch of days so I have no real idea of how any of the supplements are 'working'.

I am also watching closely as we dropped Ayden Jane's gh dosage from 0.7 to 0.6.  Hoping to get her all straightened out soon so we can go back up, but for now this is what we have chosen to do.

Other big news?  We are fostering a puppy!  His name is Tucker and Ayden Jane LOVES him.  Here is a picture of how he greeted Gary on their first meeting.  Sadie who you see in the background is not so sure Tucker is a good idea!

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