Thursday, June 14, 2012


We decided it was time to tackle all things related to the horrible winter illness wise.  First up, chronic congestion.  We still use claritin and it helps a little.  Not enough.  With the time spent in the ocean with it's natural saline washes... and the fact that in every other way she has been healthy for a while AJ just shouldn't be congested.  It is not on and off, it is daily.  Answer?  A trip to ENT (info coming soon).

Second challenge is to figure out why Ayden Jane seems to have so much trouble fighting bacterial infection. Also tied into immunology, why are her eosinophils and IgE so high when there is not a significant allergy to be found.  The tests we ran (waiting for results) include things to see if her immunizations actually caused an appropriate response.  That is one way to see if the immune system is working properly.  Also, specifically Dr. Streck wants to see if she has any signs that the pneumoccocal something vaccine has been responded to properly because that is the most common culprit in sinus infections.  The other one Gary says is a marker of inflammation.... this is so new to me.

We drew the labs a few days ago along with another IGF-1 level for Dr. Clark to see if  Ayden Jane is starting to use that gh better.  Definitely nervous about these labs as they could be great news, no news or rotten news.  Of course, having to wait on the beach today was not so horrible.

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  1. Whoa, that is news to me about the pneumococcal vax and sinus infections, which as you know, Deano gets lots of, too... hmm... keep us posted.