Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Will I ....

Ayden Jane asks questions and makes statements starting with "will I" and "when I am" a lot.  Here are some examples:  will I still see Mrs. Stella (OT) again when I am in the froggy fours?  Will I learn to swim all the strokes?  When I am big, I will ride my bike without training wheels...  Most of them are pretty typical for a 4 year but the other night as we were headed home from horses, Ayden Jane asked, when I go to college will I take my shot, shot with me?

Wow.  There is a lot in that question.  When I go to college...  It used to be sort of hard on me when she mentioned thing like going to college or getting a job... because I would wonder IF these things would happen. I think now I am to the point where I don't wonder IF they will happen I more wonder what they will look like. Ayden Jane has proven to us that she may not do things the same way or as easily as other people, but she will find a way to make them happen.  I sometimes wish I had her confidence and persistence.  It is so cool to see someone use every bit of their ability and even beyond sometimes.

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  1. She sounds so sweet - I love it! When Isaac was first diagnosed I remember watching that Mystery Diagnosis episode with the boy with PWS and being amazed that he went to college. His dad went with him I think. That really comforted me and gave me hope! I'm sure our kids will never cease to amaze!