Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Swim Team!

Well, Ayden Jane is still over the moon about swim team.  It is adorable!  She has had 3 'practices' so far.  The first practice ended up being almost one on one.  Her coach most of the time has been coach Nikki and she has the patience of a saint!  Also, she just approaches the whole thing with all the expectation that Ayden Jane is capable of doing .... well everything.

We were concerned about night 1.  Ayden Jane was swimming in a pool she had never been to before and her friends that she was going to swim with were not able to make the pool switch.  Then when we got there we found out that, at this pool, parents are not allowed to sit on the pool deck.  They can watch from windows at one end.  Hmmmmm.

Ayden Jane was AMAZING!

She walked over to the group with confidence and never looked back.  She focused in a loud, echoey pool. She followed directions and communicated beautifully.  She fearlessly tried everything that was asked of her and she worked soooo hard for the entire hour.

Ayden Jane was the tiniest kid in there.  She had just one other boy who looked to be about 6 or 7 in the lane with her.  It was such a proud momma moment as she did so well.  When she was done I slipped in to pick her up and she came over smiling, "I did my very best Mom!"  Her coach was so complimentary...

I knew the following week we had lab work coming and an ENT appointment ..., but in that moment PWS was invisible.

Now I will need to work on some pictures of my adorable little swimmer in her cap and goggles!

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