Sunday, June 24, 2012


While things are stalled out with Ayden Jane we will use this intermission to give an update on the big kids.  I will do my best to make a mission of getting some pictures taken in the interlude as well.

Kayla is back at work at TMP.  She lifeguards and teaches swimming at a summer program for kids that need a great place to be in the summer.  She loves those kids and it is fun to hear her talk about them.  She is working as much as she can as the poor college student and hanging out with her friends.  Ayden Jane is loving having her home.  The other day AJ asked if Kayla will come home to live after she is all done with college.  I told her that Kayla would probably get a job and have her own house.  Now, Ayden Jane regularly informs Kayla that when she gets her new house, AJ will be coming to live with her... Good luck with that Kayla!

Noah is working coaching soccer camp.  He is great with the kids and has a good time with it.  He is also still playing, working out and looking forward to playing soccer in college.  Where?  Who knows...  He is planning to major in exercise physiology and wants to head toward a masters as a Physician Assistant, Exercise Phys., Orthotics and Prosthetics... or something he has not thought of yet.  Noah and Ayden Jane have an awesome relationship.  Ayden Jane may not expect to live with Noah, but she knows that anything she does with Noah will be fun!

Mckenna is coming into her own little being.  She is having a great summer.  She just finished up a 3 week drama summer program and is now off at church camp.  Still yet to come is another week of camp in July at at Clemson extension camp with lots of messy outside learning and fun in the salt marsh.  We plan to do lots of surfing and swimming and hanging out too.  She hasn't really had time for that sort of fun yet.  Mckenna is a different kid with lots of interests.  On any given day she might spend the day with her nose in a book, surfing in ocean, playing soccer, locked in her room working on some sort of performing art, drawing and discussing color and shading... She is growing up fast!

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  1. Is it weird to have these big people all doing different things and milling in and out? So funny to think that our family will be doing that someday. :) Fun to hear about what the big kids are doing!