Saturday, June 2, 2012

Shot, Shot and Swimming

Ayden Jane still calls her nightly gh shot her 'shot, shot'.  For most of the past 3 years of gh, I have given her shot after she has gone to bed.  She slept through it so it just seemed easiest.  For some reason, lately, she has decided that we should do shot, shot before bed.  I am good with that as I honestly often forget to give her the shot until closer to midnight and I am sure that is less than optimal.

Last night as we were heading down the hall, Ayden Jane asked me if Mckenna does her shot, shot herself.  It never occurred to her that maybe other people don't have a shot.  Hmmmm.  I answered her like I answer all of her questions, just matter of factly.  I said that she is the only one that has a shot, shot.  Her next question was, will I have a shot, shot when I am big?  I said, yes, but you will be able to do it yourself.  She spent some time trying to decide how old she should be before she does it herself.... ahhh the love of numbers.

The swim coach called tonight.  At first I was worried that they decided not to take our little 4 yr old, but the trouble was that the pool they were to train in is ... well, as of today in foreclosure.  (the just rented time in this pool)  That means he wants Ayden Jane to train at a different facility.  Of course, it is quite a bit further and the times are different.  grrrrr.  How could I possibly not do swim team after Ayden Jane has gotten so excited!  We will not get a chance to get started until Wed. morning, but I sure hope Ayden Jane is good with this new pool.  Also, her little friends will not be able to participate as the times and location will not work for them.

I guess we shall see!

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  1. Hopefully things work out with the pool! Hard when we have something in mind and then it changes... i find it just as hard to change as Dean does sometimes.

    Funny to me that Cole has never thought it strange that Dean is the only one to get a shot. I think he asked about it once, but that was it!