Friday, June 15, 2012

ENT Visit

I am trying to catch up with all the things that have been happening with Ayden Jane.  Sorry for those who read for entertainment, as this stuff is not so entertaining.  I just trust that it is informative one day for somebody who is dealing with something similar with their little one.

Anyway, we made the trip to ENT yesterday.  I have gotten pretty good at meeting new doctors and am pretty confident now in forming opinions of them and whether or not I need to move on...  I really like this guy.  He chatted with us and even joked that when he first walked in he wasn't sure he was in the right room because he was looking for a child with PWS.

In the end, her is the plan.  Definitely need to take out the adenoids.  Now in kids with PWS this is often a partial adenoid removal so as to preserve the quality in the sound of their speech.  Sometimes if the entire adenoids are removed it causes a nasal sounding speech.  (Not sure why)  Anyway, we are definitely going after those adenoids.

Part B of the plan involves a sleep study.  Basically, he said the tonsils are only mildly enlarged and he would not typically take them, however with her history, PWS and being on gh he wanted to check for obstructive sleep apnea.  If there are any signs of that then out with the tonsils as well.  I am totally on board with this plan and was happy that he was pretty well up on the whole PWS thing.  When I mentioned other doctors, a rough winter... he was happy to receive input from whomever.  Now that is the kind of Dr. I like!

So, sleep study is scheduled for June 29.  Should be interesting as AJ has never had a sleep study before.  (I know, gasp! A child with PWS, on gh and has never had a sleep study!!)  Gary will go with her for the night as he is totally comfortable in a hospital setting and AJ loves to anything with Daddy.  Glad the appointment is not too far away.  I would love to have this all taken care of before the end of July.

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  1. Sounds like a plan!! And I can't believe she's never had a sleep study!! But that's great. They're torture. lol Glad you found a great doc, I love hearing that!

    I think Dean is onto sleep study #8 in July? I lost track.