Saturday, August 4, 2012

Adenoid Update

Well, we are now 5 days post adenoid removal.  Ayden Jane is doing great.  We have had some unexpected  things this week, but it is Ayden Jane so that is not surprising!

First up, fluid reduction.  I have been amazed at the amount of fluid that has come out of this kid.  For the first couple of nights we are talking 2 full pull-ups and getting up right away to go again in the morning.  That seems to have stopped and I don't see a big difference on the outside.

Next up?  Hearing.  I had no idea that Ayden Jane was not hearing very well.  I really thought that a lot of her asking us to repeat things was because she could not focus well.  This week has shown me that she just didn't hear us.  I don't think I have had to repeat myself all week!

Energy.  She has soooo much.  I can only guess that somehow the removal of the adenoids has her breathing better at night maybe plus the reduction of fluid/inflammation and the result is like getting a bump in gh.  She has outlasted her usual self at the beach and is amazingly able to fight sleep at this point.  (yes, there is good and bad in that!)  By this morning after such a crazy day of activity yesterday and staying up until nearly 10, I was joking that I wanted to ask Dr. White to but them back in!

I am looking forward to things leveling out in the next week and seeing what the true results will be.

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