Friday, August 17, 2012

Crazy Right Side

Soooo much to catch up on with Ayden Jane.  For tonight, straightening out the right side.

Over the summer of barefoot fun, we have noticed some trouble with Ayden Jane's legs/posture.  She spent the summer out of her orthotics and did great at first.  We have made the trip to Mr. Alan to get her new inserts made and Jen was checking things out closely last Wed.  Basically, she feels that the right leg is internally rotating at the hip and AJ has gradually caused it to go far enough to change the track her patella is taking over her knee.  Great.

She had her stand in her old orthotics, taped up her leg, did some exercises... and started to turn on the muscles AJ has apparently been avoiding.  Ayden Jane's entire posture changed!  The shoulders were straight, the belly pulled back in, her hips were in a good position, her feet looked straight.  Wow.  I continue to be amazed how Jen can find the one thing that causes a host of posture issues!

The result?  On Monday when we take AJ to see Mr. Alan and get her new orthotics, he will check her out, measure her and make her a little knee brace for 'training'.  Jen thinks that she will not need it long and she will start taping her on Wed. before it ever comes, but she wants to protect those little knees from future issues.  I am looking forward to seeing the more athletic look to Ayden Jane's run return.

AJ has also had some very intermittent right eye strabismus.  We will see the eye doctor on Sept. 10.  I have no idea if there is any issue with her vision or if there is much you can do with something so intermittent.

The whole right side things is just so odd.  Since Ayden Jane was tiny and Jen started working with her, it was her left side that was always behind the right.  I guess she loves to keep us guessing!

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