Thursday, August 30, 2012

Good News

A lot of 'extra' things have been going on in the background lately.  First up, I have been trying to find work that provides a bit of extra income and still makes it possible for me to handle all our families needs.  Today I spoke with the director of Ayden Jane's preschool.  She has a plan to pull small groups of children from the classes to work on some extra skills.  Things like sensory based thing, gross motor and fine motor.  Yep, a bit of PT and OT mixed into fun for all kids.

Originally, someone was to head up the program but she has since taken another job.  Enter ME.  I will be working there 4 days a week and will be putting all that I have learned with early intervention ect. to good use.  Time to grow some little brains, make some neurological connections and improve some skills!

I have a couple of weeks to put the program together so please feel free to throw any ideas my way!

Next up, I had a TEFRA reeval today.  That is what SC calls the Katie Beckett program.  This program provides medicaid to people who may not qualify under financial reasons.  Basically, if the level of care needed for the child/person is high enough due to the disability medicaid can be given to help with medical expenses.  In our case, Gary has good insurance, but it is a huge help (and stress relief) to have some added help with all the copays for meds and appointments to specialists and lab work...

Basically, a nurse who works for the state came to interview me and see Ayden Jane.  She listened to all that goes into caring for Ayden Jane.  Also, AJ cooperated nicely by getting totally stuck in conversation and panicking at one point about something tiny and tripping.  We talked about the safety concerns including food, no fear and 'eloping'. All the necessary therapies.  The orthopedic things we have going on right now with her orthotics, scoliosis screening and posture.  Add in eyes, immunology .... all of it.  She says she does not see any reason that AJ will be dropped from the program.  I hope she is right!

All in all, a good day I'd say.

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  1. Sounds like an exciting opportunity for work - you'll do great!

    We have a re-eval for the Medicaid waiver by paper. So weird that we don't have to go through any more of an extensive process, but I'll take it!