Sunday, August 19, 2012


When Ayden Jane was little her fine motor skills were good.  She could pick up even tiny things, she could twist and move things however they needed to go and she could even do a pretty good job of making the signs she needed at the time.  We basically just had PT with Jen who is also covered much of AJ's OT needs at the time in the area of sensory needs.

Through Ayden Jane's 3 yr old preschool year we started to see a divide in her OT skills compared with her peers.  Cutting was frustrating, holding a pencil even remotely correctly was hard, making the shapes she wanted to when drawing?  Impossible.  All this made AJ mostly just avoid these activities or at the least work on them for very short periods.  Enter an OT evaluation which led to her receiving OT from Mrs. Stella at the end of last school year.

I am excited that recently Ayden Jane has had more of an interest in being able to do these things.  I haven't pushed as I know we will be back in school soon and she will begin to work with Mrs. S again, but I have to admit I am really excited!  I guess I know that if AJ wants to do something bad enough she will make it happen.  Once the basic patterns are laid she will build on them over time.

Here's to the excitement of a new school year!

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