Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day Back to School!

Ayden Jane is back at the same preschool she attended last year.  It is an awesome place and they just love her there.  She started the 'froggy fours' today and was so excited to go.

We did hit a bump in the road but I choose to turn it into a good thing.  I had not planned on walking her in but she needed to go potty upon arrival so...  When she headed to class, I saw on the table as she entered big trays of cupcakes.  I saw her teacher and I think she could read the look of 'seriously?' on my face.  She said they did not know the cupcakes were coming ...

I saw the Mom who brought them and I did not do a good job of hiding my frustration.  (Need to go mend that fence soon).  Now her twins have been in AJ's class for 2 years so I asked told her politely that she has got to let the teachers or me know if she is going to do that.  Her twins birthday was the day or two before so she thought it would be great to celebrate at school.  I had not yet stocked the school with dark chocolate or cupcake muffins in the freezer (didn't think I would need to deal with it on day 1) so I zipped off to the store.

Okay, I choose to take from the situation all positives.  The mom said she didn't realize Ayden Jane had a problem.  I know that she has heard in the past and that she is around the school a lot so I will take it as an incredible compliment that AJ fits in so well she forgot all about PWS.

Positive 2:  Her teachers told me that not only did they not know she was going to do it today, but that it is their policy not to have cupcakes or such sweets at all.  Score!  They will make sure I am aware of all party situations.

Positive 3:  I told Ayden Jane what was going on and that I would be back with a treat of dark chocolate for her so she could celebrate her friends birthday with them.  She said, "okay Mom, but don't bring back a whole bag because I might eat them.  Just one."  She is awesome.  She breezed through the party eating her snack of nuts and her bit of dark chocolate and had a fantastic first day.

On the way home I asked her how she liked the froggy fours.  She said it was just okay and asked if she could go back to bee's threes.  LOL.  

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