Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Mckenna had her first day of grade 6 today.  She had a good day.  I know her teacher well and Mckenna will have a great year.  Soccer is lining up nicely and there is some carpooling going on so it should be easier than in the past.

Noah is a senior and so far it looks like a great schedule for him.  He can drive so extra curricular stuff like sports and work doesn't get nutty until he has games and things I just don't want to miss.

Ayden Jane.  Now there is our scheduling project.  Extra things going on right now include trying to coordinate orders from Florida, Florence SC and MUSC for lab work to be done in one draw.  Not going great so far.  One more trip to Mr. Alan when the knee brace comes in.  Scoliosis xray orders are waiting at the hospital for us.  We have an endo appointment on Fri.  at our 'local' endo. (2hrs.)  And an eye appointment soon.  It sounds like a lot, but it will get done and then we should have a good break for a while with all the extra stuff.

Now to the weekly things.  Preschool is Mon. - Fri. 9 to 12.  Horses is Tue. night.5-6.  PT Wed. 1-2. Working on scheduling ST for 45 min. per week.  OT for 45 min. per week.  Ayden Jane is also determined to play soccer like Mckenna and Noah so I have no idea what night she will practice (although I am rooting for Mon. or Thur.) and then she will have games on Sat. morning.

So, on any given Sat. I could have as many as 3 soccer games going on at the same time in 3 different locations!  Craziness!

(But I love it)

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