Friday, August 3, 2012

National Champ

Well, here he is.  One happy boy!  I have a couple of great pictures of the whole team, but for blog use I think this covers it.  Noah is holding a National Championship trophy he helped win!  He had an amazing week with some amazing kids with unbelievable stories who embarked on an impossible mission and actually saw it come true.

Honestly, this could be the next feel good family film.  So awesome that Noah could be a part of it.  So proud of my boy for taking his talents, both on the soccer field and with people, and jumping into the unknown.  He headed on a trip to Chicago to play with kids he had never met who were from totally different backgrounds and were quite the underdogs.  A band of inner city kids from several different countries (Argentina, Mexico, Columbia, Somalia, Vietnam just to name a few) joined through and inner city ministry and a love of God and using soccer as a path to honor Him.

Congratulations Noah!

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  1. Congratulations to Noah and the team!!! (and to mom and dad for supporting him :))