Tuesday, December 18, 2012

AJ Quotes

Kayla is home for Christmas break and she and Ayden Jane have talked a lot.  Kayla is great at remembering the crazy things AJ comes up with in a day so here are a few she remembered when I asked tonight.

AJ:  Kayla, what do you call those people we don't know?
Kayla: We call them strangers
AJ: Why do we call them that?  They are not strange?
Kayla:  It's because we don't know them.
AJ:  I can fix that, I can get rid of the strange by asking them their names...

In church they were lighting the Advent candles.  Ayden Jane asked Kayla why they were lighting candles.  Kayla told her because it was Advent.  Ayden Jane then asked if it was Advent's birthday.

I gave AJ a snack before bed and sent her on her way saying, and don't ask for anything else.  As she got to the living room she said to Gary, "Dad, you know peanut butter really sticks to my cheeks.  I would greatly appreciate it if you could get me some tea."

Mckenna accidentally stepped on one of our dogs.  She told the dog, sorry Sadie I didn't see you there.  AJ chimed in with, "well then Mckenna you must need glasses."

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