Saturday, December 1, 2012


What a trip!  Gary and I left around 1 pm on Wed. and headed north.  We knew we would get in late, but decided that getting the whole trip over was a great idea and we hoped that Ayden Jane would fall asleep and make the last few hours relatively painless.  We received most of what we hoped for.

Ayden Jane has not traveled a lot lately.  We did not even make it out of South Carolina before she was asking how much longer...  She eventually got in her groove playing with toys in the back and we were truly on our way.  The only challenge we faced was whenever we stopped, Ayden Jane wanted to get something to eat.  Now, we could turn that statement into a big PWS thing, but honestly, I think it was more about wanting to get to pick something and break a bit of road weary.  In fact, I know that all my kids loved getting some sort of treat from the gas station at this age!  Our solution?  Gum.  She went through a lot of it:)

We discovered that Ayden Jane does not go to bed well in a car!  She managed to stay up until about 10:30 in the car and let's just say that Gary and I did not find her last waking hour cute or amusing.  We did finally arrive at the hotel and she was WIRED!  Thankfully she did finally sleep and slept well.

We went up a day early because we knew that AJ needed to wiggle before heading back south.  We decided to go to the Please Touch Museum ( ).  It was AWESOME.  Ayden Jane played there for over 4 hours! She was at about the perfect age for it.  That night we walked about 15 blocks or so to Macy's and walked in just in time for a Christmas light show.  We saw the Christmas windows along the street... It was great.  AJ managed to walk back all but the last 5 blocks.  I think she likes the city.

Friday was Shriner's time.  They were awesome.  We found it, checked in and went from station to station.  Ayden Jane was great and, of course, has a new fan club.  The amazing thing is that when they took her x-ray, her curve has been cut in HALF!  It is now 12.5 degrees! Yep, we were on the edge of the cliff heading for casts or braces... and now we just have orders to keep up the great work and monitor her curve every 6 months!  What a difference 2 months can make.  He thought her orthotics were appropriate and agreed AJ definitely needs to stay in them.  He checked the internally rotating leg and said he also recommended that we stick with strengthening it and all the other things we are doing.

So a great trip with lots of keep up the great work from the Doc.  In a way it seems that it would be frustrating to go all that way for a pat on the back, but just knowing that we are totally in the system and that Dr. V will follow AJ through check up at Shriners in Greenville SC is worth it!  If things were to suddenly go bad for us, he will guide her care and will have followed her a good long while.  Worth every penny (and mile).

(I will work on getting some pictures up soon.)

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  1. Woohoo!!! And that's so cool that he can follow her through the SC Shriner's. Double awesome. :)