Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Although Noah is still in the fall of his senior year he has felt a lot of pressure to decide what next year will bring.  It is/was a good sort of pressure.  The kind that has lots of options.  He is a soccer player.  Well, actually he is an awesome soccer player.  In fact, he is just a great athlete, but soccer is the game he has poured most of his time and talents into and the game he just loves to play.

Starting really last spring Noah has been receiving mail and email from colleges all over the map.  Some of them big schools some of them not, but all telling Noah how great their school is and why Noah would be a great fit for their soccer program.  It is good to be wanted, but it is still a tough decision.  All the while he has worked, played HS soccer and basketball, played travel soccer and done, well, most of his school work.  I'd say that's a lot for a 17 yr old boy.

So, after hearing from schools as far away as Xavier, Sienna and Goucher who have seen him play in tournaments; after visiting and meeting with countless coaches closer to home he has come to the conclusion that he will attend and play soccer for Coker College, about 2 1/2 hours from us here in SC.

We are proud of the choice he made.  He is choosing to go to a smaller school where he feels he will do well not only on the soccer fields but academically.  He is choosing a soccer program where the coach has a program built on integrity and expects his players to have great character on and off the field. Noah wants to enjoy playing college soccer and get an education that will prepare him for Law School.

Noah really liked Coker when he went and trained with them a long while back but we felt that he needed to explore the other options out there.  Having done that he has come to the decision that after every place he sees and every coach he speaks with, they just fall short of how comfortable and at home he felt at Coker.  Honestly, it is great to see the weight of the decision off his shoulders.  He is one happy kid!

Congrats to Noah, a Coker Cobra!

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